Leadership Message

Chairman’s Message

It has taken Bharat Biotech 10 years to reach it’s first billion doses. We hope to touch two billion doses in less than 5 years

At Bharat Biotech, we are public focused for the developing world. We are also pragmatic and persistent. Progress in public health requires an aptitude for innovation, collaboration with scientific institutes and intuitive minds across various facets of science and an understanding of various disease profiles, affecting mortality and morbidity across emerging nations. It demands an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion to discover, and above all, a commitment to serve the people.

As a scientist, I have the passion to see my vision, translated into something tangible that touches lives. However that alone can not lead to success, and one has to be a strategist as well. And so I realized that innovation has to be a part of our culture and habits, be it in R&D, process development, manufacturing or even in marketing. Today, I am delighted that we have several affordable vaccines and biotherapeutic products, touching the lives of millions of people.

Embedded in Bharat Biotech is a formula to Lead Innovation which led to healthcare solutions focused mainly on neglected and emerging infectious disease sectors. Our business model has supported advancement of technologies through strong collaborative research, and establishment of technology platforms for intellectual property driven enterprise R&D.

We identify the existence of social public health problems and bring them to our research labs, and develop technology driven solutions to address such challenging environments, to make the emerging world – a disease free tomorrow.

With Best Wishes,

Dr. Krishna M. Ella
Founder and Chairman
Bharat Biotech Ltd.