Neglected Diseases

Malaria is the most widespread transmissible disease, affecting most tropical and sub-tropical countries of the sub-Saharan Africa, South and South-East Asia, and certain parts of South America. An estimated one-third of the world’s population lives in malaria-affected areas. Every year, approximately 300 million people will suffer an attack of malaria and 1 million people, primarily young African children under the age of 5, will die from it.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation allotted an amount of $ 50 million for research on
malaria vaccine


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), who are engaged in research on malaria vaccine, have selected Bharat Biotech for inclusion in the project.

In what promises to protect people against the world’s most widespread form of malaria, a candidate vaccine developed by Indian researchers at the New Delhi-based International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) is all set to undergo human clinical trials in the middle
of this year.

Bill & ICGEB has entered into an agreement with Bharat Biotech, which would manufacture the vaccine for human clinical trials

The researchers at ICGEB have fine-tuned the candidate vaccine against infection from Plasmodium vivax, the most widespread form of malaria in India, and transferred the technology to Bharat Biotech. The Indian malaria vaccine programme now ranks amongst the best in the world and has attracted funds for the production of vaccine grade materials involving the biotechnology industry in India, clearing the way for the first-ever malaria vaccine trials in India.