Manufacturing Facilities

Bharat Biotech sprawls over a picturesque campus at Genome Valley, Hyderabad, India, and is equipped with a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, which is the largest of its kind in Asia-Pacific region. Manufacturing, quality control procedures conforms to stringent standards set by national and international authorities like USFDA, UKMCA, KFDA, NRA complaint and WHO.

Bharat Biotech’s facility is designed to develop and produce world class anti-viral bacterial & recombinant vaccines that are safe and affordable. It also boasts some of the finest bacteriology and virology labs in the country, along with its highly efficient patented HIMAX technology, that has played a vital role in bringing down the cost of the production of Hepatitis – B vaccine, making it affordable for millions across the country and other developing nations.

Bharat Biotech’s marketing and sales field force is backed by a nation-wide network of stockists and distributors, who ensure that Bharat Biotech’s products are readily available across the nation, which is well supported by advanced cold chain management practices.

  • rDNA facility (separate blocks for vaccines and biotherapeutics).
  • Bacterial facility.
  • Cell Culture facility.
  • Polysaccharide facility.
  • Probiotic facility.
  • Formulation & Filling facilities.
  • Centralised, fully automatic inspection, labeling and packing area.
  • Prefabricated, independent GMP modules with HVAC for rDNA, viral and bacterial products.
  • P IV Isolation to handle bio-hazardous organisms.
  • Analytical & Instrumentation laboratory.