With advanced research, we create innovative vaccines and bio-therapeutics for a healthier tomorrow.

Bharat Biotech creates innovative vaccines and bio-therapeutics trusted by physicians around the world. Our significant R&D investments have yielded several breakthroughs including the world’s first Typhoid Conjugate vaccine and Cesium Chloride free recombinant Hepatitis-B vaccine. REGEN-D®—our epidermal growth factor for diabetic foot ulcers and burns is a leading product in the wound healing segment.

From our early years, we invested in cutting-edge research in areas that need urgent medical solutions. This focus saw a succession of highly-effective vaccines leave our labs and have a lasting impact on the health of millions. Today, we own 50 global patents and our products help people in over 65 countries live to their fullest potential. We have a special focus on solving the health challenges of the developing world.

An uncompromising commitment to integrity differentiates us. Transparency, openness and a spirit of collaboration are central to our DNA. Our clinical trials are known for their rigor and breadth. We also adopt the most comprehensive data integrity procedures to ensure that we capture, store and report data accurately. Our manufacturing facilities are approved by USFDA, KFDA and WHO.

Given the importance of work that we do, we employ the some of the best and brightest people. Over 700 employees, comprising research scientists and manufacturing professionals, work together to create vaccines and therapeutics with a twin focus on innovation and quality. Our world-class research and manufacturing capabilities, combined with our focus on the developing countries, position us for robust growth in the coming years.