Chairman's Message

We have a clear set of priorities to which we bring the best of science and a laser-sharp focus.

At Bharat Biotech, our formula to Lead Innovation has led to healthcare solutions focused on neglected infectious diseases. Innovation is central to our culture. Be it in R&D, process development, manufacturing or marketing, we seek to break new ground. Our business model has supported the advance of critical technologies through collaborative research and IP-driven enterprise R&D.

I am delighted that our vaccines and bio-therapeutic products are touching the lives of millions around the world. Every day, our scientists strike out on new paths to create highly-effective vaccines focussed on the diseases of the developing world. We are also pragmatic and persistent, given the fact that developing new vaccines and getting regulatory approvals is a long and arduous process.

As a scientist, I am driven by the passion to see my vision translate into tangible health outcomes that improve lives. However, that alone cannot lead to success. We need to prioritise what we should go after. Therefore, we identified a clear set of priorities to which we bring the best of science and a laser-sharp focus.

Finally, I believe that progress in public health requires collaboration with scientific institutes and inquisitive minds. Working together with the larger ecosystem helps us better understand disease profiles affecting mortality and morbidity across emerging nations. We share our research openly with partners to advance scientific knowledge.

On behalf of the passionate scientists and manufacturing professionals at Bharat Biotech, I assure you of our commitment to identify social public health problems, bring them to our research labs, and develop technology-driven solutions to address them. We promise to do this with complete dedication that our aspiration demands: ushering in a disease free tomorrow.

With best wishes,

Dr. Krishna M. Ella
Executive Chairman
Bharat Biotech International Ltd