R&D Overview

From our early beginnings, we have created breakthrough vaccines and bio-therapeutics with a focus on original research. Today, we own 145 global patents.

At Bharat, we seek to lead innovation in biotechnology in order to lead the fight against disease. We have a rich history of developing breakthrough vaccines and bio-therapeutics to protect people against diseases. Our primary focus is on the neglected region-specific diseases of the developing world. Over 114 multi-disciplinary scientists—the best and the brightest in their respective areas—work collaboratively at our research and development (R&D) facilities.

Bharat has long been known for its world-class research capabilities. We have developed several breakthrough vaccines and bio-therapeutics including the world’s first typhoid conjugate vaccine and recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine.

We own over 145 global patents. Some of our innovative vaccines and therapeutics include Typbar TCV—the world’s first Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine, REGEN-D®—a growth factor gel to treat diabetic foot ulcers developed using recombinant technology, and HIMAX®—a patented technology, which enabled the production of Revac-B mcf®. This first-ever recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine is known for driving highest levels of antigenic recovery compared to other vaccines in its class.

We do cutting-edge research in the areas of bioinformatics, molecular epidemiology, molecular biology, microbiology, bacteriology, virology, immunology, biochemistry, clinical research, industrial biotechnology, formulations and product development. We seek to generate and develop path-breaking ideas to target challenging diseases that affect millions of people in the developing world.

As a research-led company, we believe in practising the highest standards of integrity. We bring scientific rigour to all stages of product development from discovery and development to clinical trials and manufacturing. With complete adherence to IPR, we work collaboratively with academic and research institutions to undertake fundamental research that helps us address unmet conditions and improve public health.