Innovation, quality, safety, efficacy and affordability—these are our guiding principles as we develop vaccines and biotherapeutics that save and enhance lives around the world.

Every day, thousands of physicians and people use Bharat’s line of innovative vaccines and bio-therapeutics with confidence. We are among the select few companies that remain dedicated to the full lifecycle of creating high-quality vaccines starting from original research and development to manufacturing and marketing. By retaining full control of the entire process, we ensure that our products meet high quality and safety standards.

Finding cures for the infections of the developing world is our key priority. To keep our vaccines affordable for millions of people, we make significant investments in developing new manufacturing technologies that help us contain manufacturing costs and achieve industry-leading efficiency. Our rigorous data integrity and quality control processes ensure that every Bharat product is safe and effective.

India no longer Polio endemic, and Bharat Biotech has played its part in this unique contribution